March 30, 2023

New Delhi. Russia has become India’s top oil supplier in October, overtaking traditional vendors like Saudi Arabia and Iraq. This information has been received from the data of Vortex, which monitors the supply of crude oil.

According to news agency PTI, Russia has supplied 935,556 barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil to India during October. This is the highest ever supply of crude oil to India by him.

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22 percent of total crude oil imports from Russia
At the same time, Russian oil accounted for only 0.2 percent of all the oil imported by India during the last financial year. It now accounts for 22 per cent of India’s total crude oil imports, which is higher than Iraq’s 20.5 per cent and Saudi Arabia’s 16 per cent.

Russia imports only 36,255 barrels of crude oil per day in December 2021
According to Vortex, India imported only 36,255 barrels of crude oil per day from Russia in December 2021, compared to 10.5 lakh barrels per day from Iraq and 952,625 barrels per day from Saudi Arabia.

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Pakistan also seriously considering buying oil from Russia: Dar
Recently, Pakistan’s Finance Minister Isaac Dar said that in view of the rising fuel prices in the country, his country is seriously considering the option of importing oil from Russia on the lines of India. Dar had said, “During my US visit, I have conveyed my intention to buy oil from Russia and there was no opposition. If India can buy oil then why stop Pakistan from doing so. We are thinking of buying oil from Russia but it should be available at the same price or less than what India is getting.

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