March 30, 2023


A Mahindra user tweeted photos with Gabru and Abhi’s SUV.
Expressing his gratitude, Anand Mahindra termed it as a big responsibility.
Mahindra’s chairman is often seen replying to tweets.

New Delhi. For Mahindra company and especially for Anand Mahindra, there was a tweet which made him feel proud. Recently, a person tweeted a photo regarding Mahindra, which has been manufacturing vehicles in the country for many decades. A difference of 39 years was shown in this particular photo. After seeing which you will also be shocked, but seeing the love of Mahindra that has been going on for generations, you will definitely get a moment’s happiness.

A person named Pramod George tweeted two photos, in one photo a woman with a small child is standing in front of a Mahindra Gabru, along with another photo in which a woman is standing in front of a Mahindra SUV with her two small children. Along with this, Pramod wrote, it’s been 39 years..the little girl on the left is the owner of the SUV…Hope the kids continue it. This is what defines Mahindra.

Anand Mahindra gave the answer to this with the same ease. He said that such messages seem polite. They fill you with a sense of gratitude and responsibility towards a brand. On which people have trusted from generation to generation. I hope everyone at Mahindra will take this responsibility with pride.

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