March 25, 2023

New Delhi. Many times investors have to bear the loss due to technical fault in the trading terminal of the brokers or in the system. But now investors will not be at loss. In fact, market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on Friday directed the stock exchanges to impose ‘financial penalty’ on brokers in case of technical glitches.

All information about technical flaws will have to be given to the stock exchanges
According to the news agency language, SEBI said that the obstructions from the brokers affect the entire business. Apart from this, stock brokers will have to inform the stock exchanges within one hour of any glitch in their trading system and also submit a preliminary incident report within a day.

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The new system will be effective from April 2023
SEBI tightened the rules saying that stock exchanges should give information on their websites about technical glitches in the trading system of brokers as well as the root cause of such issues. SEBI said in a circular that the new system will be effective from April 2023.

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SEBI brings rules related to buying and selling of mutual funds under the ambit of insider trading
At the same time, SEBI has changed the rules to bring the sale and purchase of mutual fund units under the ambit of insider trading rules. At present, the rules related to insider trading are applicable in the case of securities of listed companies. Apart from this, these rules also apply to the companies proposed to be listed.

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