March 30, 2023

New Delhi (Smartphone Addiction, Tech Tips), Checking phone notifications repeatedly, getting restless when phone is switched off or network issue are symptoms of smartphone addiction. In the Kovid era, people were dependent on smartphones for everything from studies to office work and entertainment, due to which it is no longer possible to live without them (Smartphone Uses).

Many researches have revealed that smartphone addiction is making people a victim of many diseases physically and mentally. Due to this, there is a lot of damage to the health of the eyes. It takes about 21 days to form any habit, then it takes almost the same time to get rid of it. At present, it is very important to get rid of smartphone addiction.

How to get rid of smartphone addiction?
It is necessary to get rid of the habit of smartphone for better mental and physical health. Know some tips, with the help of which instead of smartphone, your time can be invested in other works.

1- Set the time limit for using the smartphone. If you have to install an alarm for this, then install that too.
2- Switch off the phone for some time during the day. With this, both the phone and you will get some rest.
3- Limit the notifications of the phone. Due to this, if the notifications of social media, mail or messaging apps will not come again and again, then attention will also be diverted from the phone.
4- Keep your phone away from yourself while studying (Study Tips). This will help in studying with a concentrated mind.

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5- Tell your friends and family about ‘off phone time’ (when you are away from the phone) so that they do not bother you by calling or messaging.
6- Reduce the phone’s backlight a few hours before sleeping at night.
7- Turn off the data of the phone for a few hours of the day i.e. turn off the internet. This will save battery and reduce the discomfort of looking at the phone.
8- Leave the habit of replying immediately on receiving someone’s message. Respond immediately only when there is an emergency.
9- While studying, keep your phone with some other person. If the phone is around you, then there will be restlessness to check it.
10- By keeping the phone on airplane mode for a while, both the phone and you will be able to rest.

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