March 26, 2023


Smartwatches are used by most people to see the time.
You can also use it very easily in place of a selfie stick.
Camera control feature is also seen in a normal smartwatch.

New Delhi. In the early times, people used analog clocks to see the time. After this people started wearing digital watches. In today’s time there are very few people who use analog and simple digital clock. Now the era of smart watch has gone. Gradually everything is becoming portable and smart. Companies launch it with many advanced features to woo people. Now not only the watch maker but the smartphone maker is also working on it.

Smart watches are used by most of the people to keep their health healthy. In this, facilities are available to set daily routine. But very little is known about the camera feature.

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what is camera control feature in smart watch
Actually smartwatch can be connected to smart phone with the help of Bluetooth. In the initial times, smartwatches were given a lot of features only to keep people fit. But now the company has brought camera feature in it to reach out to more and more people and to woo the customers. That is, now you will not need any other person to make photos and videos in the smartphone.

Take pictures with smartwatch
With the help of the camera control feature, you no longer need to buy a selfie stick to take pictures. After connecting the smartwatch to the smart phone, you can click pictures by keeping it somewhere far away. Not only this, now there is a facility to use it as a remote. Smart watches equipped with some advanced features in the market also provide the facility to make videos. There are very few people who are aware of these features.

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take advantage like this
1) To take advantage of the camera control feature, first of all connect it to the smart phone with the help of Bluetooth.
2) While connecting it, enable the camera permission by going to the setting of the app in the smart phone.
3) Now go to the menu of the smartwatch and click on the camera icon.
4) By clicking on it, the camera app opens in the smartphone.
5) Now adjust the smartphone anywhere according to you.
6) After this you can take many pictures by clicking on the OK button in this smart watch.
7) Apart from this, facilities are also available to set timer.

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