March 30, 2023


Nearly half a billion dollars were raised to make Star Citizen
In this game, the player fights and does business by going to other planets.
The starrer plan is priced at £1,000 which includes ship insurance.

New Delhi. You can play the world’s most expensive game Star Citizen for free till the end of November. You do not need to spend any money for this. Please tell that this game raised about $ 0.50 billion through crowdfunding. This game was about to be released in 2014 but for the last 10 years the work was going on in its name only.

Please tell that this game has not been released yet and you will get to play its alpha version which has been made free for download. You can download and play it till next Wednesday. Star Citizen is an open-world space exploration game. Like another similar game No Man’s Sky, it lets players explore, trade, and fight their way to planets and spaceports in custom spaceships. This game is currently free under an event called Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. In this, new people are being given a chance to play games and fly virtual spaceships.

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1000 pound starter pack
Star Citizen’s game store also sells a Starr Pack, which can cost up to £1000. In this, you get spaceship insurance which you can use to replace the ship if it gets damaged. Apart from this, you also get in-game currency in it, which you can spend on your ship. There’s also a cheap starrer pack for £45 which comes with 3 months insurance

Things needed to play the game
This game can only be played on computer. For this, you will need 16 GB of RAM, 83 GB hard drive and at least 3 GB VRAM graphics card. If you have all these, then go to the website of Roberts Space Industries and create an account. You can download and install it on your PC. However, keep in mind that it is free only till 30 November.

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