March 22, 2023


Google has increased the cloud space for workspace individual users.
With this, users will now be able to store more of their data online.
Apart from this, users will be able to work better on cloud service.

New Delhi. Google has increased the cloud space for workspace individual users. Workspace Individual users will now be able to use 1TB of storage instead of 15GB. With the increase in storage, users will now be able to store their data online and work better on cloud service. It is noteworthy that Google had made its workspace productivity program available for free to all last year. Workspace Individual is now available with more storage space for the users.

Explain that Google Workspace Individual has been designed keeping in mind those customers who do small business and take the help of Google account to manage their work. This will help users to grow and manage their business.

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What is Google Storage?
According to the corporation, more and more storage is required to increase the business. Apart from this, Google Drive users will be able to access their data securely from any device. Although workspace individual clients already have enough storage, they will not be able to use the other services (OneDrive or Dropbox).

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How will the storage increase?
Individual users will automatically get 15GB to 1TB upgrade. They don’t need to do anything for this. Users only have to wait for more storage. Access to the Workspace Individual service is currently provided in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Greece and Argentina.

Malware Protection to Google Drive
Let us tell you that users get built-in protection and security from threats like malware, spam and ransomware for files saved in Google Drive. Also, there is no risk of malware in case of opening or downloading any document saved on the drive. Not only this, apart from the website, you can also access Google Drive on smartphones with the help of a mobile app.

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