March 25, 2023


Do not use water even by mistake to clean the TV screen.
You can use cotton cloth or any soft cloth for this.
Apart from this, online TV screen cleaning kit is available for Rs.399 only.

New Delhi. Along with listening to movies, serials and songs, they use TV to watch sports matches. In today’s time, many smart TVs are available in the market. Once it is put on the wall, very few people pay attention to its cleanliness. In olden times, many people used to keep the TV decorated on the table. Not only this, after watching the film, people used to cover it by putting a cover over it. This is the reason why even today many people get to see old TVs in their homes.

Very few people clean the TV coming in today’s era. There are some people who adopt the wrong method for this. Due to this, along with the decrease in picture quality, there are possibilities of getting scratches. If you want to keep the Up TV clean, then we tell you some tips for cleaning it.

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  1. Unplug it before cleaning
    Do not forget to unplug the TV screen before cleaning it. Many times people start cleaning it with a mop or any cloth when there is a decrease in picture quality after turning on the TV. In such a situation, along with short circuit, many other types of problems can arise. There are some people who clean it only after turning off the TV.

  1. Keep these things in mind while cleaning the screen
    It is very important to be careful while cleaning the screen. With this you can save thousands of rupees spent on TV. Before cleaning the screen, it can be taken down from the wall. If it is not possible to take it down, then while cleaning it by climbing on top of something, keep in mind that there should not be even a slight pressure on the screen. Actually, some people hold the TV and start cleaning it. In such a situation, due to stress on the TV, there may be a defect in it.

  1. How to clean tube television
    Even today, if you use tube television, then different precautions have to be taken while cleaning it. Actually, its thickness is more and if water or any other thing goes inside it, it can get damaged. In tube television, there is a small space on the side of the screen, from here many times there are possibilities of flickering in the screen along with blowing of the picture tube due to dust and other things going inside.

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  1. How to clean plasma and LCD flat screen
    The thickness of plasma and LCD is very less. Can’t clean it with just one hand because of its light weight. If you are cleaning it with the help of cotton cloth, then hold the TV with one hand on the other end. If the TV is on the wall and you are cleaning it by climbing on something, then at any cost do not let the pressure on the screen come.Also read- Want to keep the computer clean and moisture free, follow these steps

  1. clean with microfibre
    Avoid using any shirt or other thing to clean the TV screen. Clean it with the help of microfibre. Microfiber can also be used to clean the screen of off TV. Not only this, if you have a clean cotton cloth, you can also take help of it.

  1. Avoid cleaning with hard objects
    Avoid cleaning with hard objects. Many times people use shirts. Even if it is cotton, but when the button hits the screen, there are chances of it getting scratched as well as breaking it. Let us tell you that there are many screen cleaning kits available in the market. You can also take help of this.

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  1. make vinegar and water solution
    To clean the screen, you can make a solution by mixing vinegar and water. Keep the quantity of both in it in equal proportion. After cleaning the screen, it can be made moisture free with the help of silica gel. Apart from this, dry cloth can be used to dry the water vinegar and water solution.

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