March 25, 2023

Microsoft has announced several new hardware at its Surface event, including the Surface Pro 9, Surface Studio 2+ and Surface Laptop 5. Along with these, the company has also announced some new features, which will be introduced in Windows 11 in the coming months. Notable among the new features is iCloud Photos integration for the Windows Photos app. The new integration aims to make it easier for iPhone users to transfer photos and videos to Windows devices.

However, this service is currently in the beta testing stage, and it is not known when Microsoft will release it for the stable version. But let us know that iCloud integration is not the only way that allows users to transfer photos and videos to Windows PC.

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For example, let us tell you that users can use the old data cable transfer method to transfer photos. Apart from this, users also have the option of cloud storage, in addition to iCloud, to share photos.

So, if you are wondering how to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows, then we are telling you the complete step by step method…

These are important:-
Lightning USB Cable
iPhone and Updated Windows PC.

Step 1-Connect your iPhone to your Windows PC using a cable.

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Step 2- Once connected, unlock your phone and Windows will automatically recognize the iPhone under File Explorer.

Step 3- Open File Explorer and double-click on the iPhone icon. Select the camera folder and copy-paste the pictures directly to your laptop.

this method will also work
If you do not do this then you can also upload all your photos to Google Drive or OneDrive or any cloud storage and transfer photos.

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