March 22, 2023


Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus Rift, has created a new headset.
If the wearer of the VR headset dies in the game, he will also die in real life.
According to the information, currently only one version of this headset is available.

New Delhi. The founder of virtual reality firm Oculus Rift has claimed that he has created a headset through which if a gamer dies in a virtual world while playing a game, he will die in real life too. Oculus founder Palmer Luckey has said that this device is inspired by a Japanese novel Sword Art Online. Palmer has named its headset as NerveGear. Palmer said in his blog post that it will be like a normal VR which can have three explosive charges. This headset makes the game feel like real.

Let us tell you that Luckey left Oculus in 2017 and started Anduril Industries. At that time he had said that he is working on the real life version of NerveGear and he has done almost half of it.

What is Sword Art Online Novel?
If we talk about Sword Art Online novel, then there are some players in the story who play an online role play game. If the characters in the story die during the game, they lose their lives in real life as well. In this, all these players wear NerveGear headset. According to the novel, game over appears on the screen when the game is over. Meanwhile, suddenly there is a fire and the user’s brain gets blown and he dies.

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Headset is not perfect yet
Palmer says that it may take some more time to build a perfect VR. It’s not perfect yet. He told that he has installed three explosive charges in this headset, which are mounted directly above the player’s head. As soon as there is a red screen at the end of the game, the narrow-band photosensors are connected to each other.

Only one headset is ready
According to the information, currently only one version of this headset is available. Apart from this, it is also not available for sale to the public. However, this headset can be made available in the future.

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