March 25, 2023


It was sent from the computer by Vodafone engineer Neil Papworth.
The first SMS was sent on the Orbital 901 handset.
SMS technology converts text into electrical signals.

New Delhi. With the advent of mobile phones, the trend of SMS also increased rapidly. People used to communicate through texting instead of calling. At that time, a separate plan for SMS pack recharge was introduced, through which SMS was allowed to be sent at a very low cost. The people of that era must have known the importance of SMS. But have you ever thought that what would have been the first SMS, by whom and when?

It has been learned that the first SMS was sent by Vodafone engineer Neil Papworth from the computer to his other partner Richard Jarvis. Richard Jarvis was then the director of the company. This SMS was sent to him on Orbital 901 handset. Now tell you what was written in this message? Let us tell you that Christmas was wished in it. Merry Christmas was written in it.

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14 characters were used in this message. It was sent in 1992. Let us tell you that the world’s first text message was sent by Vodafone. The concept of SMS was first created in 1984 by Friedelm Hillerbrand and Bernard Ghilbert in the Franco-German GSM collaboration.

Jarvis had the latest phone in the market named Orbitel 901 on which he received the message ‘Merry Christmas’. However, he did not reply to the message.

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How does SMS technology work?
SMS technology converts the text into an electrical signal, and sends it to a nearby tower. Then after that he reaches the SMS center. Then it reaches the tower near the receiver, and finally the tower sends that message to the receiver’s device.

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