March 26, 2023


The starting price of Smart WiFi Camera is just Rs.2,000.
There is no need of a button to turn on the motion sensor LED light.
You can control the smart LED switch board with the help of a smartphone.

In the era of technology, along with smartphones, TVs, cars, bikes, things used in the house are also becoming smart. With its help, you can make your work easier as well as enjoy it in everyday life. The price of the smart gadget starts from Rs.520 onwards. There are many smart gadgets available on Amazon for less than 2,000.

With its help, not only can you run the fan without getting up from the bed, but you can also take help of these gadgets in case you forget to switch off the lights while leaving the bathroom. In such a situation, do you also want to make your home smart with the help of these gadgets?

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smart doorbell
There are many doorbells available in the market. Have you heard about any smart doorbell, which can also be controlled from a smartphone? The price of LED Smart Doorbell is only Rs.1503. Even if it rains, there will be no defect in it. Actually it is waterproof. Due to this, there will be no need to install a separate wire to be installed on the door. This is a wireless doorbell. Its range is up to 300 meters.

wifi switch
The starting price of Online Smart WiFi Switch is Rs.498. That is, now you will not need to go to it again and again to turn WiFi on and off. After connecting it to the app, you can turn it on and off from your smartphone. Apart from this, the facility of Google Assistant is available in it. If you forget to turn it off, you can also schedule time in it.

led smart bulb
The starting price of Syska company’s LED smart bulb is Rs 1,706. In this, different colors have been given for different moods. It has been claimed by Syska that it has more than 3 million color combinations available. It can be controlled from remote.

motion sensor lamp
If you like to study while sitting under the lamp and in the meanwhile you also fall asleep, then in such a situation you can buy a motion sensor lamp. Its online price is Rs.520 only. It automatically turns on after the slightest movement. Apart from this, the facility of different colors is available in it.

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smart wifi camera
The price of Smart WiFi Camera is Rs.1999. You can control it from anywhere. Apart from this, there is a facility to watch footage from anywhere in this smartphone. On the other hand, if we talk about the features, then it is equipped with 5 megapixel sensor and motion detection as well as many other advanced features. By installing this in your home, you can dazzle the security even more.

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