March 26, 2023


Trai will soon bring its caller ID system.
This caller ID system can replace Truecaller.
According to the information, this system will be verified through KYC.

New Delhi. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) will launch its mobile phone caller identity system. This system will be verified through KYC. Trai is planning to start this system in the next three weeks. With this, users will not need the TrueCaller app. According to Mint’s report, Trai Chairperson PD Vaghela said on Wednesday that the telecom regulator is also thinking of making new regulations in view of ‘multiple screens, same content’ states.

He said that Trai’s caller ID system can replace Truecaller. Vaghela told HD that TRAI has held talks with several stakeholders to find a solution to the issue. The new feature is expected to be launched in the next two to three weeks.

The interests of the customers will be protected
He said on the occasion of CII’s Big Picture Summit that in the new world of convergence technology, we have to think about the possible alignment of regulatory regime. Vaghela further said that for this, the regulatory and legal framework will have to keep pace with the new developments, which will make it easy to use technology and its use will protect the interests of the country as well as the customers.

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same content
During this, he said about content convergence that today the same content is available on all devices from television to smartphones. The Trai chief further said that due to the difference in the distribution mechanism of these platforms, they face difficulties in regulating them.

Truecaller is a Swedish caller identification app
Let us tell you that Truecaller is a Swedish caller identification app, which identifies incoming calls on your phone and tells you the name and location of the caller. Significantly, in the month of May this year, Truecaller CEO and Founder Alain Mamedi had said that the caller-name display system that Trai wants to make will not be able to compete with Truecaller.

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