March 25, 2023


Many users are not able to access their Twitter account.
Web users are having trouble accessing the feed page from their account
At present, only web users are facing this problem.

New Delhi. Many users are facing problems in accessing their Twitter accounts since this morning. Users are not able to access their feed on Twitter. On the feed page, users see a message that says Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot. However, only web users are facing this problem, as things are fine for the app users. Also many Twitter users are also reporting login problem. Please tell that the company administration, policy and here Even the revenue model is undergoing a massive change.

Earlier, Instagram also suffered a partial outage. Many users had lodged complaints about this on other social media platforms. Users said that they are seeing problems ranging from scrolling the platform to locking the account. Many users also complained about account suspension.

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Apart from this, recently the services of instant messaging app WhatsApp were also stalled. At that time, WhatsApp was down for about two hours, due to which users were facing problems from sending messages in chats and group chats to uploading status.

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