March 26, 2023

New Delhi. Every day something new is happening after the social media platform Twitter was acquired by the world’s richest person Elon Musk. This time there is good news for the users of Twitter. You can soon watch long videos on this social media platform like YouTube. Currently, there is no facility to upload long videos on Twitter. Let us tell you that right now you can only watch videos of maximum 140 seconds on this.

Like YouTube, users will also be able to earn by posting content on Twitter. The head of the microblogging service has indicated that users on Twitter will make money from all kinds of content. According to him, Twitter’s monetization system will be better than YouTube, that is, now users will earn more money on Twitter than YouTube.

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8 dollars to be paid for blue tick
Twitter has announced the launch of a subscription service with ‘Blue Tick’ given to verified accounts for a fee of $7.99 per month. According to media reports, Twitter may postpone its plan to charge $ 7.99 per month for ‘blue tick’ till the mid-term elections in the US. The move comes amid attempts by company owner Elon Musk to change the account verification system ahead of the US mid-term elections.

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The new owner of Twitter hinted at the new service via tweets later this week. The first gesture was made when Quinn Nelson tweeted that YouTube “gives creators 55% of ad revenue,” Musk replied, “We can beat it.” Earlier too, a content creator had said that he would consider posting his full-length video on Twitter if given the right incentives.

Will be able to post 42 minute video
Musk recently tweeted and informed that Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to post videos up to 42 minutes in chunks. If you subscribe to a blue tick to post longer videos, Twitter will also give you a Verify Badge. Musk said that we can do 42 minutes of video at 1080 resolution for New Blue. With this you can load long videos. The limit of 42 minutes can be started next month.

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