March 26, 2023


twitter prepping gray tick for official accounts know who will get it

New Delhi. Since the acquisition of Twitter, new news has spread continuously in the media every day. The new owner Elon Musk first announced to give blue ticks to all the users. For this, the user will have to pay 8 dollars every month. That is, about 650 rupees will have to be paid in Indian rupees. The subscription service of Twitter Blue Tick has started for iOS users in 5 countries US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In the coming days, this service is going to start in some countries including India. In such a situation, Twitter has started preparing to give ‘grey’ tick to separate the accounts of officials, politicians, journalists and media houses.

Let us tell you that the “blue tick” of verified users will now be available only for those who pay a monthly fee of $ 8. The platform’s current verification system is in place since 2009 and a team was formed to ensure this. This team used to check the verified request.

The gray tick will identify the official account
Recently, Esther Crawford, director of the company’s product management department, shared a screenshot. In this screenshot, a gray tick is visible on the official account of Twitter. Along with this, the official account written below the user’s account is visible. Although the regular blue checkmark of Twitter is also visible in this.

Users will not be able to buy gray tick
Esther Crawford clarified that this official gray label will not be available to all pre-verified accounts and this label will also not be available for purchase. This label will be given to government accounts, commercial companies, business partners, major media outlets, publishers and certain public figures.

Let us tell you that Musk has just released Twitter Blue subscription in many countries. However, it has not yet been released for all users. But, Musk has also made it clear that it will be released to all users in less than a month.

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