March 25, 2023


With the help of Hidechat app, you can hide WhatsApp chats from public view.
Maskchat-Hidechat There will be a floating mask icon show through WhatsApp.
Apart from WhatsApp, Hidechat can be used on Facebook and Instagram.

New Delhi. WhatsApp is the most used platform worldwide. We spend most of our time on WhatsApp. Now you can also do business through WhatsApp. However, many times when we are traveling in metro or train, we do not even know that people sitting around are peeping in your mobile phone. We don’t want the person next to us to read our chats. In such a situation, many times the thought also comes to mind that I wish there was such a WhatsApp feature that the person sitting next to us does not see our WhatsApp chats.

However, now it is possible. We have brought a special trick for you. With the help of this, you will be able to use WhatsApp in a public place without any tension and nothing will be visible to the person sitting next to you. So let’s know how with the help of this app, you can hide WhatsApp chats from the eyes of the people.

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Download Maskchat – Hidechat App for WhatsApp
If you want no one to read your chats, then you have to install an app for this. The name of this app is Maskchat-Hidechat. You can download it from play store. You will see many apps in the name of Maskchat on the Play Store. A subscription has to be taken to use the premium version of this app.

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How Maskchat-Hidechat App Works
Maskchat-Hidechat There will be a floating mask icon show through WhatsApp. If you want to protect the chat in public, then click on the floating icon. This puts the wallpaper on the screen and your message is not visible to the people around. Apart from WhatsApp, Maskchat-Hidechat can also be used for other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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