March 26, 2023


Avoid using water to clean computer smart gadgets.
Clean it with soft or cotton cloth only, apart from this you can also buy cleaning kit.
Use silica gel to keep it moisture free. it is available online

New Delhi. Computers, laptops and smartphones have become the need of the people these days. With its help, not only can you interact with people. Rather, it is also needed to work online. There are some people who use it a lot, but pay very little attention to its cleanliness. Because of this, gradually the computer becomes slow. Not only this, sometimes thousands of rupees have to be spent because of this.

There are many ways to keep the computer clean and moisture free. By following these 5 measures, apart from cleaning it, you can also increase the speed, so now let us tell you how you can keep your device clean.

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How to clean the outer surface
It is very important to turn off the computer before cleaning it. Actually, some people turn it on after sitting on the desktop. Only after this they start cleaning it. In such a situation, many times the files get deleted due to pressing the wrong button, not only this, it can also cause many other problems. Some people use wet cloth to clean the outer surface. We should avoid this. You can use Colin spray instead.

How to clean keyboard
You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard. Apart from this, you can buy off air blower from the market. Its starting price is Rs.300. Let us tell you that cleaning the keyboard with water reduces its speed. Actually, due to water getting into the frozen dust inside the keyboard, it gradually freezes at one place. Not only this, due to this many times the plastic of mechanical keyboard can also rot.

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How to clean the cabinet
A cotton cloth can be used to clean the outer surface of the cabinet. Some people start cleaning it with a mop only. Due to this many times the color also fades away. Always use soft cloth for this. Apart from this, before starting this process, remove all the electrical wires from the cabinet. If you are using any liquid, then keep in mind that it should not go inside at any cost.

compressed air can
You can also take the help of compressed air can to take out small particles. There is no need of electricity to use it. If you live in an area where there is a problem of electricity, you can use it at that place. Remember that whenever you are cleaning with it, cover your mouth and nose. Actually, small particles can come out and enter the nose and mouth. Due to this some people sneeze again and again.

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Take help of silica gel
Pay attention to the fan while cleaning the computer. A lot of dust gets accumulated in it. If you are using any liquid to clean the computer, then after cleaning it, take the help of silica gel. If you are cleaning the keyboard, keep silica gel on it and leave it for 1 to 2 hours. Apart from this, after cleaning the cabinet, you can leave silica gel at the place where there is a button for some time, due to which the liquid will get absorbed in silica gel and it will become completely moisture free.

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