March 30, 2023


The Google Assistant records your every command.
We often give commands to Google and forget what we asked it.
However, now you can easily check what Google has recorded about you.

New Delhi. If you use an Android phone, then you must have used the Google Assistant at one time or another. Through Google Assistant, you get information from live scores to traffic updates. For this, you give commands to Google Assistant through your voice. After receiving the command, Google Assistant answers all your questions by recording your voice. In such a situation, you often do not remember what questions you asked Google Assistant and what it recorded about you.

However, if you want to know what Google has recorded about you, then we are going to tell you such a trick, by which you can listen to your voice recording on Google Assistant and know which one it has recorded. The matter is recorded.

How to listen to your voice recordings on Google Assistant
To listen to your voice recordings on Google Assistant, first login to your Google account from your smartphone. Now go to ‘Manage Your Google Account’. Here click on Data & Privacy. After this you will get the option of ‘Web and App Activity’ here, click on it.

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Then tap on ‘Manage All Web and App Activity’. Now you will get the option of ‘Filter By Date’ at the bottom. Going there, you click on ‘Assistant’. Here you will see your voice recordings. Here you click on the detail option to hear your voice.

You can translate with Google Assistant
Google has added not one but many features to Google Assistant. These also include translation. Through this feature, users can easily translate any language into their language. For this, you have to activate Assistant and speak only the sentence and Google will automatically translate it into your language. Apart from this, you can also use Google Assistant to know live scores and traffic updates.

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