March 30, 2023


The picture quality of OLED TV is better as compared to LCD and LED.
Each pixel in this display has its own light.
To give excellent contrast, all the pixels can also be closed according to it.

New Delhi. In this era of technology, gradually everything is getting advanced. There was a time when people used huge TVs for entertainment, but now LCD and LED TVs have been preferred by the people. It is easy to carry it anywhere, not only that it is very economical in terms of picture quality as well as weight and cost. After this, OLED TV has now entered the market.

Its price is very high compared to other TVs. budget Normal people are not able to use it because of being too much. The great video quality and other features are behind the high cost of OLED TVs.

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What is OLED TV

In today’s time, if we talk about the best TV screen, then it is OLED (Full Form Organic Light Emitting Diode). Every pixel in this display has its own light. These lights keep on turning on and off according to the video quality. It depends on the capability of the pixel that when it has to be off and when on. Deep black feature is used in it for excellent contrast. There is no need for a separate picture tube for light above the TV panel.

Features of OLED TV

It is available in the market with very thin screen as compared to other TVs. The video looks the same when viewed from any angle on this screen. Apart from this, it is many times ahead in terms of picture quality as well as viewing angle. Compared to LCD and LED TV, there is a slight lack of brightness in it. Most people put it on the wall of the room and use it only after turning off the light, that’s why people do not complain about the brightness.

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OLED price

Even if you go to buy a 55-inch TV, you can buy a TV for 30 to 40 thousand rupees. On the other hand, the starting price of OLED TV is around Rs 1 lakh. If you buy a TV of a famous brand, then you may have to spend at least Rs 5 lakh for it. Along with the advantages, there are also some disadvantages of OLED TV. Can not use for more than this. Actually, with time, vibrancy comes in the screen, due to which it cannot be used for a long time.

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