March 25, 2023


A16z’s Sriram Krishnan is helping Elon Musk.
Sriram Krishnan said- Twitter has a huge impact on the world.
Sriram Krishnan has held high positions in many big companies.

New Delhi. Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk has started changing the platform according to his own from day one. On the very first day, he was shown the way out to some top management officials. It is being said that from the beginning of November, some more employees will be subject to layoffs.

Not only this, Elon Musk has started a massive change in the account verification policy on the microblogging platform. Apart from this, we are also considering increasing the character limit of the tweet. Why do you think Elon Musk is doing so many things only to himself? Yes, you are right, they are not doing this with their mind alone. There is a discussion that definitely a team is working for them.

Image – Twitter screenshot

Yes, we are helping Elon Musk!
One such name is Sriram Krishnan. Sriram Krishnan of A16z recently admitted in a tweet that he is temporarily helping Elon Musk for Twitter. Here A16z means Andreessen Horowitz. Shriram is the general manager in this company. Shriram wrote in the tweet, “Now as people know, I am temporarily assisting Elon Musk on Twitter. I (and A16z) understand that this is a very important company and can have a huge impact on the world and only Elon Musk can make that happen.”

Let us tell you that Sriram Krishnan had invested in the early stages of consumer startup Andreessen Horowitz. Shriram has also served on the boards of Bitsky, Hopepin and Polyworks. Prior to joining A16z, Shriram held senior product roles in several companies. He also led the core consumer teams at Twitter, where he was responsible for the home timeline, new user experience, search, and audience growth.

And what has Shriram done?
Shriram also built and oversaw various mobile advertising products for both Snap and Facebook, including Snap’s Direct Response advertising business and the Facebook Audience Network. It is one of the largest network of display advertising.

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Not only this, he has his own website, where he says that he is interested in technology and crypto. He also hosts a podcast with his wife, where they cover both tech and crypto topics.

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