March 26, 2023


Unofficial WhatsApp apps endanger user privacy and security
It is possible that your account has been banned due to some mistake.
WhatsApp account can be banned forever due to scraping.

The number of WhatsApp users is huge. People who have a smartphone, they definitely use WhatsApp. But many times we have also heard about the temporary ban of WhatsApp account. Have you ever wondered why WhatsApp temporarily bans the account of its users. WhatsApp has given this information on its FAQ page. The messaging service says that if you get the message in the app that your account has been ‘temporarily banned’, then you may be using the unofficial app of WhatsApp.

Apart from this, it may also happen that you may be suspected of collecting information which is also known as scraping. If you do not download the official WhatsApp app or continue scraping even after being banned for some time, then your WhatsApp account can be banned forever.

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Unofficial WhatsApp Apps
WhatsApp says that unofficial WhatsApp apps endanger the privacy and security of the user and they do not support them.

These problems can be caused by using unofficial apps
WhatsApp states that doing so does not guarantee that your messages or data, such as your location or the files being shared, remain private or secure. This may also result in your account being banned, as using an unofficial version of WhatsApp is considered a violation of our Terms of Service.

What is scraping?
Scraping is the automatic collection of information with the help of a tool for a purpose that WhatsApp does not allow. Collecting information such as phone numbers, profile photos and statuses of WhatsApp users in this way violates the app’s terms of service.

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If you are using the official WhatsApp app and your account has been banned, then your account may have been banned due to some mistake.

What to do if the account got banned by mistake?
If you think your account has been banned in error, email WhatsApp or tap ‘Request a review’ within the app.

When you request a test in the app, you will be asked for a 6 digit registration code that will be sent to you via SMS. Once you’ve entered the code, you’ll be able to request a test and provide more information.

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