March 30, 2023


When Instagram stories are added to Highlight, they are saved forever.
Instagram stories can also be shared directly to Facebook profiles.
The setting can be adjusted to always share Instagram Stories on Facebook.

We are using Facebook, Instagram for years. On both these platforms, companies introduce new features every day. Instagram is a photo sharing platform, but now gradually such features have come in it, due to which it is also becoming a means of entertainment. People are also earning from this. Also, some people only use it to share some of their memories and things.

Earlier we used to post separately on Instagram and Facebook, but some time ago Meta started cross posting service. After this, users can share the content shared on Instagram directly on Facebook.

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The feature of putting stories on Instagram has been around for a long time, and people love it too. The story is automatically deleted in 24 hours, however if the user puts it in Highlight then it gets saved. But do you know that you can also share Instagram story directly on Facebook account.

Here we are telling you about some steps, so that users can share your Instagram story on your Facebook profile at the same time. Both Android or iPhone users can share stories on Facebook from their Instagram app.

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To share your story on Facebook:
1) Start creating a story and then tap on -> (Arrow).
2) Below your story, tap Sharing.
3) Tap on ‘Share to Facebook every time’ or ‘Share once’.
4) Tap on Share.

Follow these steps to automatically share all stories on Facebook:-

To always automatically share all stories on Facebook, you can also adjust your settings:

1) To go to your profile, tap on Profile or on your profile photo in the bottom right.
2) Tap on more options at the top right and then tap on Settings.
3) Tap on Privacy, and then tap on Story.
4) Scroll down to the Sharing option and then press the Share your story to Facebook toggle.

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What happens if you share an Instagram story on Facebook?
Note that when you share your Instagram Story on Facebook, it appears as a story at the top of News Feed. An existing audience with your Facebook Story can see your Instagram Story.

If someone viewed your story from Facebook, and you go to ‘who’s seen your story’, you can see their Facebook name and profile picture.

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