March 30, 2023

New Delhi: Through Instagram, users express their feelings. It is a type of social networking site. Which can be played on Smartphone and PC. Instagram users often share some special or cool pictures, videos, or songs in Story. Despite this, users always complain that they get very less views when they put a story. To increase views, users mention their friends and relatives. There are some third party apps available in the market which can increase the views.

Is this third party app safe? These apps increase views through bots but it is not safe. You can get thousands of views using this 5 most cool fonts.

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Instagram Donut and Giphabet font
Make sure to put tags while sharing a story on Instagram. Use Donut Font to express your feelings in the story. Giphabet font can be used to make the story attractive. Actually there is a different animal for each alphabet in this font. This is the reason why viewers stay for some time to see the story. It does not skip or scroll too quickly. The reach of this font is very high.

Animafont and AAkoset font
Most people use normal font in story. This is the reason why Instagram coding decodes them but does not suggest other users. Use a different font to send any story post as a suggestion. Don’t forget to put tags when sharing photos and videos. Take special care that that tag is attached to the picture and video. Using Animafont and AAkoset fonts, you can send the story to the suggestion.

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Fire Alphabet
Fire alphabet is a different type of alphabet. This can give vibes to the story. Add an animated story anytime. On applying the same story, users skip it. If you are sharing a picture, then definitely write about the Fire Alphabet picture on it. Together you can put a trending song so that the users are commented on listening to this song. Never use third party apps to increase the richness of the story.

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