March 25, 2023


Even after uninstalling WhatsApp from the phone, you can keep the chat saved with you.
You have to manually back up your chats before uninstalling the app.
Attaches your old chats as text documents and sends them through an email.

New Delhi. WhatsApp is an important part of all of our lives. One can talk to anyone on WhatsApp for hours, and there is no separate cost for that. During chatting, photos, videos, location can be sent through WhatsApp. But storage is also full with WhatsApp chats, and that’s why we keep deleting chats continuously. Sometimes there are some chats that we want to keep forever. If you have to delete chat under compulsion for storage, then you do not have to take tension.

This is because you can save WhatsApp chat history with you forever. Let us know the complete method of this…

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WhatsApp has told on its FAQ page that the backup of users’ chats is taken automatically and they are saved in the phone’s memory every day. According to the settings of WhatsApp, users can also take backup of chats on Google Drive from time to time.

If you want all your messages to be saved even after uninstalling WhatsApp from the phone, or even after deleting chats, then you have to manually back up your chats before uninstalling WhatsApp.

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Take backup of chats like this:-
First go to WhatsApp, then tap on More option and tap on Settings. After this, go to Chat Backup by tapping on Chats, and then tap on BACKUP.

How to export old chats
Users need to follow a few simple steps to export old chats from a chat or group chat using the ‘Export Chats’ feature.

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1) Open the chat or group chat.
2) Tap on More Options, tap on More, go to Chat Export, and tap there.
3) Now user has to choose whether to export with media or without media.
4) An email will be created by attaching your old chats as text documents.

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