March 30, 2023


Telegram has many such features which are not present on WhatsApp.
You can schedule the message to be sent at a different time.
Telegram will automatically send the message at the scheduled time.

New Delhi. Telegram is a messaging platform which has gained immense popularity after its launch in India. When WhatsApp was facing security and privacy issue, Telegram gave complete security and privacy to all its users. Because of this it became very popular. When people started using the Telegram app, they came to know that it is more than just a messaging app. Telegram offers a lot of features and communication tools in comparison with its competitive platform.

Telegram was launched in 2013 for iOS and Android, which was created together by 2 Russian brothers – Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov, earned a lot of popularity and fame only after its release.

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Still there are many such features in Telegram which are not present on WhatsApp. One such feature is scheduling messages. This means that if we do not want to send any message at the same time, then we can schedule that message at that time and Telegram will automatically send the message at the scheduled time.

Let us know how to schedule a message in Telegram:
First open the Telegram app.
Now open the chat where you want to schedule the message.
First type your message there
Then long press on the send button
– On long pressing on the send button, a popup will appear where there will be two options.
In the two options of the popup, the first option will show the option to send the message silently without notifying the receiver. And in the second option, you can schedule the message.
Now go to the second option.

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Clicking on the schedule option, Telegram will ask you the date and time.
Fill here the date and time at which you want to send this message to the person in front.
– OK in the last
Your message has been scheduled on Telegram.

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