March 25, 2023


The most craze on Diwali is for new dishes, crackers and new clothes.
Be it Diwali or any other festival, clicking photos is becoming one of the most important tasks.
To make the best photo or video on Diwali, it is very important to keep some things in mind.

Diwali is being celebrated with full joy and gaiety across the country today. The most craze on Diwali is for new dishes, firecrackers and new clothes, and in today’s era when the phone is in hand all the time, photos are also clicked continuously. Whether it is to click a photo of Rangoli, or to take a selfie with friends or to make a video while bursting firecrackers. Clicking a photo in any festival seems to be very important. In such a situation, we take many photos to get the best photo. So if you also want the best photo or video this Diwali, then we will tell you about some easy tips….

Night Mode: Night mode has been designed so that the best photos can be clicked without flash in low light. Good photos can be clicked using Night Mode to capture Diwali shots like Diyas, Firecrackers. This automatically reduces the shutter speed, thereby capturing more light.

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Avoid Zooming: Never zoom too much while clicking the photo of anything. By doing this the resolution of the photo deteriorates and the picture quality is poor.

For Video: If you want to capture firework ie burning firecrackers, then use Slow-mo mode. It looks very unique and beautiful to look at.

Landscape: On Diwali, click the photos in landscape mode, which covers more things in the frame. While clicking the photo, use props like diyas, lights in the background, which will give a festive look to your photos.

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Group Photo:The photo comes perfect when standing in a semicircle for a group photo.

Tripod: Use a tripod to take stable shots from your phone. If you are clicking a photo of light, then use a self-timer or tripod so that the photo does not shake.

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