March 26, 2023


This is the best source for information on Twitter news and current events.
There are some such features on Twitter, about which few users know.
Every user should use these features.

New Delhi. Twitter may not be the most popular social media platform, but it is still one of the best sources for news and current events. Twitter is such a platform where nowadays everyone keeps their opinion on a particular subject and wants to know the opinion of the public. This app is very convenient and many great features are available in it, which make the experience better for the users. There are some such features on Twitter, about which only a few users know and use them.

If you are looking for ways to get the most out of Twitter and want to use its new features, then today we are going to tell you about these features. Every user should use these features. This will make their experience even better, so let us now tell you about these features.

curate your feed
You may follow countless accounts. This can make it difficult for you to keep your favorite Twitter users on top. In such a situation, you can curate one or more short lists of the accounts you are following.

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See the lists others have added you to
Just as you can add your followers by creating a list, other users can also add your account and tweets to their lists. However, you can check which list you are on through the Lists tab on the desktop site or mobile app

disable read receipt
You can disable read receipts with a single tap. For this, you have to tap on your account icon in the mobile app and then select Settings and Privacy in the popup menu. Here tap on Privacy and Security and then tap on Direct Message. Finally, swipe the button to the left to disable Show read receipts.

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Save data by adjusting settings
Many default features on Twitter may use up your cellular data, but you can disable multiple data-draining features of the app at once. You can disable these settings individually or adjust to use cellular data or Wi-Fi when uploading or playing content. To disable all these features at once, just tap the button next to Data Saver.

how to clear twitter app cache
Twitter’s mobile app has a cache of data related to your account, which you can easily clear. With this you can use the app efficiently.

Share account with QR code
If someone wants to follow you or you someone, now instead of telling your ID, you can scan the QR code. Also, you can use it to share other Twitter details as well.

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